Wetting Agent

GEOWET ECOW Wetting Agent Ideal wettingagent for exhaust, garment dyeing, denim washing processes
GEOWET FW Wetting Agent Provides strongwetting, high hydrophility continue and discontinue processes
GEOSOL FST-EX Wetting Agent Wetting agent for discontinue processes which has ability of wetting and oil removing
GEOSOL WA 30 Wetting Agent Wetting agentsuitable especially for fibre and bobbin processes
GEOWET SSW Wetting Agent Wetting agent whichhas ability of rapid, foamless and high levelling
GEOWET NS 70 Wetting Agent Rapid wetting agentwhich brings high hydrophility and whiteness in bleaching and dyeingoperations
GEOWET PN 70 Wetting Agent Wetting agent for scouring and bleaching which brings high hydrophility
GEOWET YSW Wetting Agent Foamless wettingagent which has ability of high wetting, washing and strain removing
GEOSOL BNW Concentrated WettingAgent Dilutable wettingagent for continue and discontinue processes
GEOWET N 50 Nonionic RapidWetting Agent Nonionic rapidwetting agent compatible with all chemicals
GEOSOL RS2A Anionic Wetting Agent Wetting agent which ability of highdispersion, levelling and dying without bleaching in middle and dark colours
GEOSOL RS4A Anionic Wetting Agent Wetting agent which bring very goodpenetration and levelling in bobbin and foulard dyeing
GEOWET MRW Mercerizing WettingAgent Foamless rapidmercerizing wetting agent which can form complexes with heavy metal ions
GEOSOL HVN Deaerating Agent Deaerating agentswhich has ability of foam removal in high amounts for all textile process
GEOWET 300COMBİ CombinedBleaching  Agent Product which hasability of wetting, ion keeping, stabilizing, dispersion, and anti-creasing

Stain and Oil Removers

GEOSOL SUP Stain and OilRemover without Solvent Concentratedoil remover which is used in removal of oils and strains by washing
GEOSOL EBT Stain and Oil Removerwithout Solvent Oil remover which hashigh washing and dispersion power
GEOSOL ISS Ecologic Stain andOil Remover Concentrated oilremover which has bio-degradable solvent
GEOSOL ISL Ecologic Stain andOil Remover Oil remover which hasbio-degradable solvent
GEOSOL FK Stain and Oil Removerwith Solvent Perfect washing agentand oil remover which is used in removal of oils and strains

Sequestering Agents

GEOSOL DS SequesteringAgent Sequesteringagent which can be used in bleaching and dyeing baths
GEOSOL DCS Sequestering Agent Concentrated complexbuilder which prevents sediments formed by water hardness and heat
GEOSOL AF Sequestering Agent Strong complexbuilder especially for bleaching processes
GEOSOL AC 50 Sequestering Agent Strong complexbuilder, Ion holder which has ability of dispersion and high washing


GEOSTAB ES PeroxideStabilizer Stabilizer for continue and pad-bath processes which has a ability of ion holding
GEOSTAB SD 20 Peroxide Stabilizer Stabilizer for discontinue processes
GEOSTAB SD 50 Peroxide Stabilizer Concentratedstabilizer for discontinue processes

Anti-Creasing Agents

GEOSOL RDE Oil Based Lubricant whichis used in wet operations to prevent creased points
GEOSOL LC 20 Polimeric Based Product whichprevents creasing of manufactured item by forming air bag in wet operations
GEOSOL BYK Phosphate EstersBased Anti-creasing  agent which has a ability of high levellingespecialy in turquoise dyeings

Viscose Bleaching Agents

VİSKOBLEACHPA ViscoseBleaching Agent Product used inpre-treatment of viscose fibres